Power Packaging Technology Exchange between Silicon Lake Semiconductor and Zhuhai Inosseco for Third

Time: 2017-08-18

Silicon Lake Semiconductor and Zhuhai Inossek Technology Co., Ltd. recently held talks and exchanges on power packaging technology of third generation semiconductor GaN and SiC in Inossek, Zhuhai. The two sides were represented by Ben Chen, President of Silicon Lake Semiconductor Asia Pacific Region, and R&D VP Hans Kim, Korean native of Inossek.Discuss the related issues mentioned above. Silicon Lake mainly introduces the patent series power semiconductor sealing technology initiated by Silicon Lake in the world to solve the technical barriers and limits of the third generation semiconductor, accelerate the development of wide bandgap power devices, and express the intention of further cooperation with Inosseco, which is expected to be the first GaN substrate and wafer in China.

INNOSECCO is a key high-tech industry project introduced by Zhuhai in recent years. It is co-funded by Innoscience Group Inc., State-owned High-tech Venture Capital Co., Ltd. of Zhuhai High-tech Zone and Zhuhai High-tech Venture Service Center.The registered capital is RMB 1.095 billion. The core team members include Dr. Park Yanjun, former chief scientist of NASA, Dr. Weber, Academician of German Academy of Sciences, Dr. Luo Weiwei, scientist of Alabama State University, and Mr. Sun Zaiheng, former president of regional purchasing of LG America. They are dedicated to the research and development of new semiconductor single crystal materials and the design of production process, and to promote the technology. Industrialization.


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