Innovative Bridge Rectifier Module

Source: 网络
Time: 2018-09-18

Sirect's innovative single-phase and three-phase bridge rectifier module (Bridge Rectifier Circuit Component)It has passed the US Trademark and Patent Office examination and has been granted a patent certificate. The patent is the first in the world, with the advantages of high efficiency, high reliability and high power density, and has a high cost-effective solution. The full-automatic production of series power semiconductor packaging structure through Sirect Semiconductor Patent can replace the old bridge rectifier and all kinds of large power module products, effectively improve the conversion efficiency, reliability and power density of all kinds of medium and high power bridge rectifier circuits, and meet the future market demand of high efficiency and miniaturization.


The product has the comprehensive advantages of improving reliability, power density, output efficiency and reducing cost. It is expected to start mass production and put into market in the third quarter of 2019.



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