Time: 2021-10-25

Sirect semiconductors SGT process ultra low resistance MOSFET PDFN5*6 and PDFN3*3 packages are mainly used in Power Delivery (PD) fast charging synchronous rectification and V-bus design. It has the advantages of lower Rds(on) and Qg values, improves the overall efficiency of power management, and has better product cost performance. The main push part numbers are SR1A055NAK8A (100V/ 5.5m Ω), SR1A060NAK8A (100V/ 6 m Ω), SR30040NAI8A (30V/ 4 m Ω), SR30100PAI8A (-30V/ 10.5mΩ) and SR40080NAI8A(40V/8 m Ω).

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