Circuit application

Date: 2018-12-28 Views: 136

Patented LED Half-wave rectifier circuit

A LED lighting application half-wave rectifier circuit with a simple structure and low cost, which uses a common rectifier diode and current regulative diode (CRD) to form a half-wave rectifier circuit. 

Patented Power Factor Correction circuit

Two 300V Schottky Barrier Diodes tandem structures are used as the Boost Diode on the power factor correction. The fast recovery time (Trr) and smaller QRR and other characteristics of the Schottky Barrier Diode can reduce the switching loss of the power factor correction and improve the output efficiency. 

Patented single-phase and three-phase bridge rectifier circuit

The patented new components are used to constitute the single-phase and three-phase bridge rectifier circuit, which can replace the traditional old bridge rectifier and power module, and has the absolute advantages of the small volume, high reliability, good thermal diffusivity and low cost. 

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