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Patented Free-wheel diode

A parallel type power semiconductor package with the uneven current and voltage, which can reduce the loss of the free-wheel diode, improve the efficiency and reduce the cost. 

Patented chip on board diode structure

The device structure with the chip on board of the rectifier diode was proposed firstly and a patent was proposed in 2005. By virtue of the structure with the cooling fin and the chip on board of the rectifier diode, a high power density modular structure is formed, which is featured by a small volume and good thermal diffusivity.

Patented high power density TO-126 insulation diode

The high power density TO-126 insulation package rectifier diode   replaces the traditional axial lead and TO-220 series products and can be directly fixed on the cooling fin. With the advantages of high reliability, small volume and low cost, it applies to the medium-power adapter and stand-by power supply output of the high-power power supply. 

Patented tandem TO-220 insulation package

The patented tandem TO-220 insulation package has an extremely high degree of full-automatic production, and it is the most competitive tandem package structure and can be used in the tandem structure of the diode. The consistency of the diodes connected in series is extremely high, which significantly improves the reliability and feasibility of the tandem application and has the best cost performance. It is mainly used in the high voltage, high frequency and other fields, such as the power factor correction circuit (PFC), etc. 

New components of the patented single-phase and three-phase bridge rectifier

The world's first innovative bridge rectifier component obtained the United State patent in 2018 and replaced the traditional old single-phase and three-phase bridge rectifier and power module via the high power density components that are produced fully automatically. It has advantages of small volume, high reliability, high power density, small space occupied by the circuit board and low cost, and mainly used in the medium and high-power alternating-current rectification field. 

Patented tandem package of third generations power semiconductor

By virtue of the patented tandem devices, the tandem package technology of the third generation of the wide bandgap power semiconductor materials, such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) doubles the voltage, shortens the voltage limit of the third generation of the power semiconductor materials, speeds up its development and expands a wider high frequency and voltage application field. It is mainly used in the communication, traffic, industry, spaceflight, military and other industries. 

Patented Transistor and IGBT full-automatic tandem package technology

A full-automatic Transistor tandem technology, which can implement the series connection and parallel connection of the Transistor simultaneously, and has the advantages of the high reliability, high consistency and low cost. 

High voltage power module (patent pending)

Ultra-high voltage rectifier power module with the full-automatic production and extremely high consistency and reliability. Except for replacing the traditional high-voltage silicon rectifier stack, improving the defects of the high-voltage silicon rectifier process and reliability potentials and significantly reduce the cost, it can implement the ultra-high voltage structure of the third generation power semiconductor up to 12-30KV and leads to the new application fields of the power electronics fields. 

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