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Planar platinum barrier low IR and high-voltage Schottky Barrier Diode

Featured by the ultra-low reverse current leakage, good high-temperature work performance and very high reliability, and applicable to the industrial grade and circuit application under severe conditions. The product has been put into the market for more than 10 years, but it has almost never received any defective and failure cases from the market. 

Planar alloy barrier low forward voltage drop-down Schottky Barrier Diode

It effectively reduces the barrier height of the Schottky barrier and can obtain the forward voltage drop-down (VF) property which is lower than the Pt barrier through the alloy process technology. In addition, it has a lower loss, good cost performance and high reliability. 

Planar chromium barrier ultra-low forward voltage drop-down Schottky barrier diode

Chromium planar process, one of the few manufacturers that produce this series of products in the world. The main specification is 15V. As OR-ing Diode, it is generally used to the server power, redundant power supply and industrial power supply (IPC Power) and other products. 

Trench ultra-low forward voltage drop-down Schottky barrier diode

It can effectively reduce the impedance and energy dissipation of chips and improve the conduction density through the trench process. Compared with the planar process chips at the same level, a slimmer trench process represents a good impedance performance, lower forward loss and a better energy saving effect. In addition, it also has a characteristic of a low reverse current leakage and a better reliability. Compared with the planar process at the same level, the product cost and selling price are lower, but the cost performance is high. 

Current regulative diode (CRD)

A constant current diode with the voltage ranging from the low voltage of 4V to 140V. Within a very wide voltage fluctuation scope, it provides a constant current simplified circuit design. Generally, a constant current circuit requires a complex multicomponent configuration, but this product is designed simply and can be realized through a single CRD. It can be implemented easily, and greatly reduce the design and manufacturing cost. The product is mainly applied to the following aspects: LED fluorescent lamp, LED street lamp, LED light bulb, LED downlight, constant current supply with a stable LED brightness, constant voltage circuit constituted by using the constant current, proximity sensor, various sensors of the constant current source, battery charging and discharging circuit, energization inspection devices of the electrolytic capacitor, various semiconductor constant current inspection devices, internal interface of the communication lines, leakage breaker and stabilization of the power circuit. 

Ultra-fast recovery diode

Featured by the ultra-fast recovery characteristic, low recovery loss, low forward voltage, and high surge current characteristics. The product is mainly used in the switching-mode power supply, power factor correction, medium and high power LED lighting and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and others. 

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